Saturday, 18 August 2012

The greatest thing I've seen on screen this year

So I watched all 16 days of the Olympics. Saw Mo win twice, the country drop to its knees in praise of Jessica Ennis and the sailing psychotic that is Ben Ainslie but nothing sent shivers down my spine like this. The Paralympics advert for Channel 4: I hadn't seen it - I don't know why, maybe I just don't watch enough TV - but seeing this  90 second advert set to a track by Public Enemy on a cinema screen yesterday i got the same sense of anticipation and wonder i got from the action movies of my childhood. 

Check out Jonnie Peacock, Claire Cashmore, Ellie Simmonds, Jody Cundy et al showing their preparation and their mettle in a montage that includes scenes of explosions, hospitals and car crashes that have impacted these amazing athletes' lives and Peter Finbow launching a massive half court shot (where there's nothing but net).

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